Lincoln College-Lincoln Overview

Lincoln College-Lincoln is a vibrant institution with the entire campus community working together to explore new ways to meet the evolving needs of learners. The College actively seeks innovative ways to reach out to learners.


Academic Programs & Courses

The academic experience our students receive is what makes Lincoln College different from other colleges. We combine classroom knowledge with real-world experience. So, learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom. It happens in the everyday lives of our students.

Academically motivated students are encouraged to seek external scholarships, grants, and other sources of financial aid to pursue their academic and professional goals. Successful scholarship applications early in one’s college career can be used to leverage future scholarship and other opportunities.

Students can choose from a variety of degrees and courses that Lincoln College-Lincoln offers. We suggest contacting our admissions office to help you find the degree that is right for you.


Policies & Procedures

Lincoln College uses a standard policy format and a uniform review and approval process for all policies to improve communication, promote administrative consistency and efficiency, and ensure compliance with pertinent state and federal laws as well as state and regional accreditation requirements.

Learn more about Lincoln College-Lincoln’s admissions, grades, and registration policies, as well as course expectations, financial aid, and student conduct.


Campus Opportunities

Lincoln College offers a variety of student organizations for our students to participate in. These groups range from academic to social and athletic organizations and include becoming part of our Greek life, having a voice in student senate, or being a DJ at our WLNX-FM radio station – just to name a few.

Students are encouraged to become involved in the planning and implementation of these programs as well as to become active participants.