The General Education core curriculum requirements in language and humanities, social sciences, mathematics, life and physical sciences, and physical education are central to the mission of Lincoln College. The requirements are designed to provide an enlightening, interrelated program that ensures a wide range of diversified knowledge and promotes lifelong intellectual inquiry. Students enter Lincoln College with different levels of general knowledge; all of Lincoln College’s academic offerings are intended to help students grow by improving their individual skills and competencies and by providing experiences in areas they have not yet explored.

Specifically, the goal of the General Education program is: Lincoln College graduates will be responsible citizens and lifelong learners who possess a global perspective, employ analytical skills, and communicate effectively.

The general education goal is broken into five broad categories:

  • Communication
    • Research Skills
    • Technology Literacy
    • Oral and Written Communication
  • Responsible Citizenship
    • Ethics
    • Environmental Responsibility
    • Social Responsibility
  • Analysis
    • Mathematical Reasoning
    • Scientific Reasoning
    • Problem Solving
  • Lifelong Learning
    • Personal Development and Wellness
    • Professional Development
    • Appraising and Responding to the Arts
  • Developing a Global Perspective
    • Cultural and Social Foundations
    • Historical Perspective
    • Understanding Diversity