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BUS 101: Financial Accounting

Credits: 3:0:3
The emphasis of this course is on the accounting cycle, accruals, current assets and liabilities, long-term assets and liabilities, stockholders’ equity, and cash flow statements. Focus is also on concepts of financial statements for external users. At least two years of high school algebra or equivalent placement (MAT 095 or higher) is recommended.

BUS 102: Managerial Accounting

Credits: 3:0:3
This course covers the accounting system for producing information for internal management. The emphasis is on cost, profit analysis, budgeting, present value, performance evaluation, and other quantitative methods used for short-term and long-term internal managerial decision making.
Prerequisite: BUS 101

BUS 104: Business and Economic Statistics (M1 902)

Credits: 3:0:3
This course focuses on the application of statistical methods and concepts to business. Basic definitions, descriptive measures, probability theory, frequency distribution, inference, hypothesis testing, regression, correlation, and nonparametric tests will be covered. A scientific calculator is required.
Prerequisite: MAT 095 with a C or better or math placement

BUS 105: Introduction to Business

Credits: 3:0:3
This course is a general survey of the field of business in the American free enterprise economy. It is designed for students who plan to concentrate in business and for others who are interested in a broad general knowledge of business. Students become acquainted with business ownership, finance, management, marketing, and business-government relations. This course is recommended as a first elective in the business curriculum.