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CJS 108: Introduction to Criminal Justice

Credits: 3:0:3
A survey of the criminal justice system, including a historical philosophical overview of the development, with special emphasis on the system’s primary components and the relationship of these components in the administration of criminal justice in the United States.

CJS 210: Law Enforcement Practices

Credits: 3:0:3
A survey of law enforcement roles and responsibilities at the national, state, and local level. Examines the structure and function of police agencies including jurisdiction, personnel standards and staffing, and support units. Focus for the course will also be jurisdiction, personal standards, laboratory resources, techniques and procedures, and police records systems. Field work may be included.

CJS 220: Corrections I (CRJ 911)

Credits: 3:0:3
An overview and analysis of the United States correctional system: history, evolution, and philosophy of punishment and treatment; operation and administration in institutional and non-institutional settings; and issues in constitutional law.

CJS 240: Criminal Law I

Credits: 3:0:3
An introduction to the study of the Illinois court system and criminal law. Emphasis is upon various subject areas of law including the constitutional law, the defining of criminal behavior, the elements of a crime, criminal liability, and criminal defenses.

CJS 260: Criminalistics (Formerly CRM 212)

Credits: 3:0:3
An introduction to crime scene investigation and the scientific examination of physical evidence and techniques which are utilized in solving crimes. Students will perform some basic techniques in criminalistics. Recommended sequence any biology class and CJS 108.

 CJS 262: Fundamentals of Criminal Investigation (Formerly CRM 213)

Credits: 3:0:3
The course examines the role of criminal investigators in law enforcement. It will introduce the student to the investigative techniques performed by criminal investigators. Crime scene examination, evidence collection, interview and interrogation process, and preparation of a completed investigation for prosecution will also be discussed. Recommended sequence CJS 108.

CJS 280: Juvenile Justice (Formerly CRM 206)

Credits: 3:0:3
An overview and analysis of the juvenile justice system in the United States including the history and the philosophies of society’s reaction to juvenile behavior and problems. Interaction among the police, judiciary, and corrections are examined within the context of cultural influences. Introduces theoretical perspectives of causation and control.

CJS 299: Special Topics in Criminal Justice

Credits: 3:0:3
Curriculum focuses on contemporary issues, a specialty of the instructor, or possible new curriculum. Can be repeated for a total of 6 credit hours if the content of the classes are different, but no more than 12 hours combination of CJS 299, CJS 354, CJS 492, and CJS 499.